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Our Practices

Our practices are not art theories they are applied art practices that lead to authentic art making.

Art & Soul is grounded in four core practices:

• Play
• Intuitive Artmaking
• Authentic Movement
• Sounding

These four practices connect us to our innermost being and strengthen our capacity for listening and receiving from our deepest self and beyond, freeing us to create in ways that are authentic to the individual. Each of these practices connects to one of the three main channels of receiving and expressing, which support each other: kinesthetic, auditory, and visual.

Our classes create an environment for deep, meaningful exploration by emphasizing:
• Safety: creating a strong container for trust to grow and letting-go to occur.
• Non-judgment: holding all people, actions, and expressions with awareness, acceptance, and loving kindness.
• Connection: giving individuals an opportunity to share their experience.
• Witnessing: seeing, hearing, and reflecting each person’s experience.
• Environment: making our physical space comfortable and inviting.

Strengthen your capacity to listen and receive from your deepest self.
Find the freedom to create in ways that are authentic to you.
Discover a welcoming, creative space for your art and your soul.


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