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Robin Wolfenden

I like to play – play with color, explore new materials and express
myself. I believe in the beauty and power of personal expression
through my art and soul. As a woman of “a certain age”, I am
celebrating my Self and my creative transformation. As I embrace
my Self, I use my own body to create the alternative photographic
process of Cyanotype. I am inspired by my surroundings and
personal journey and illustrate the subtleties of foliage and objects
gathered in my travels. With the adornment of color and
pigmented papers, I create a look full of light, color and optimism.

My style is decorative, derived from a career as a high-end wallcovering designer. “Such is the soul of a woman when she loosens the cords that bind her.” The world needs more wise women.

I am currently on the board of Art & Soul Nashville, where I facilitate
Cyanotype workshops. I have been a featured artist in the Vanderbilt
online magazine, Nashville Review, and my work has been presented
in The Rickie Report in Florida.

Please visit my Instagram and Facebook pages under RobinWolfendenArt

Upcoming Classes

Cyanotypes in Spring


Celebrating Your Goddess Shadow

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