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Doris Wasserman

When I feel disconnected, or doubt creeps in, the practices that I've learned at Art & Soul help me find my way back to my center, the place where art lives. I become able to peel away distractions to release the positive energy that is within and around me – energy that is always available when I am present.

In my process, I build layer upon layer, creating a subliminal narrative within each painting, often scribbling notes to myself in the layers of the painting, most of which is disguised or lost as the painting is developed. It is through clues like these that I connect with my viewers. One collector shared that living with my painting was comforting, "like sleeping under a dream."

Aside from my artwork, my professional work includes academic and practical management of public and private arts organizations in Canada and the U. S., teaching Pre-K to college level and adult students; curating and support for over 40 exhibitions as the Gallery Director for Harpeth Hall School; medical illustrations, graphic design and marketing for Vanderbilt University; Exhibits Artist for the Adventure Science Center; as well as marketing, illustration, and graphic design for many private clients in the U.S.

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Painting the Pollen Path

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