Identity - Hey there, who are you? - Art Show and Persona Party

Art & Soul celebrates 
the real YOU with an
Art Show and PARTY!


Kim Strifert will 
share her new 
series: Identity 


Come celebrate your uniqueness!

October 31, 2019
6-9 at the studio
4340 Sidco Drive

RSVP by downloading an Eventbrite ticket  -  you can make a donation to support the studio or just swing by for free and enjoy the show. Bring your printed ticket for $5 off an Art & Soul T-Shirt or Tote.

Artist Statement:

Who are you? How do you think about yourself? What are your characteristics? How are you viewed by the world?

These questions are about what we call identity. Identity is made up the qualities, beliefs, personality, looks, and characteristics that make up a person, a self-image. These qualities and attributes distinguish, or identify, one person from another. Sometimes we may think that we know a person when really what we know is that which is presented to us by their identity, their self-image.

Is there more to a person than the self-image, the ego self? I believe that the answer is yes, because I believe that it is the soul, our essence, that defines us and not the self-created image that serves us in the everyday business of life. Certainly, the ego is important to us and to our survival. And, it is also just one part of what makes us human.

As we mature and develop, we realize that at the core of our being we are inherently worthy and connected to the Divine. And, we are indescribably connected to the entire universe. Recognizing our essence, our true nature, we realize that which is universal rather than particular. 

This series of paintings explores the individuality of identity and the universality of essential nature.


- Kim Strifert

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