Visual Arts

Creative Arts
Discovery & Practice


Jan-Feb or March-April Daytime

Jan-Feb or March April Evening


Through step by step processes and an array of materials, students become familiar with the expressive power of visual language and confident in the value of their own unique mark making.

Fee $195 (Members $165)


Wide Circle Weekend
Feb 7 - 9; Apr 17 - 19; Jun 12 - 14;
Aug 14 - 16; Oct 9 - 11; Dec 18 - 20

This  weekend immersion experience is an opportunity for sustained art making within community, designed to deepen and stretch your creative practice while being encouraged and inspired by fellow artists. Facilitators provide opportunities to connect with and drop down into to the unconscious, the here and now, the dream-space, and the flow – a river of urge and desire, never the same twice, but alive with possibility, energy and nourishment.

$265 (members $225) per 3-day weekend;
$175 (members $150) per 2-day weekend


Dreaming & Creating

Mondays, Jan 13, March 9, May 11,
June 8, Oct 12, Nov 9

Exploring our dream material can provide a bounty of inspiration for our creative practices.  Using an easy step-by-step process for gleaning relevant information from our nighttime excursions, we will make the journey from inspiration to creative product using dreams as our source.

Fee $80 (Members $70) each session


Basic Acrylics & Intro
to Mixed Media

Saturday, January 25, 10 am - 4 pm

This is an opportunity to grow and feed your artistic soul! Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned artist, this one-day workshop will touch upon inspiration, basic composition, color and value, and the use of different types of acrylic paints and gels. 

Fee $100 (Members $85)


Flower Power

Sunday, January 26, 10 am - 4 pm

This workshop offers new techniques to make quick and easy colorful abstract flower and landscape works of art with demonstrations of various techniques for mixed media floral and landscape creations.

Fee $100 (Members $85)


Drawing from Life:
The Human Form

Saturdays, Feb 1, Mar 7, 10 am - 2 pm

Regardless of your experience with drawing the figure there’s a place for you in this class.  We work with an experienced model. Working in a group raises our energy and is loads of fun!

Fee $60(Members $55)


Women Who Run with
the Wolves

Wednesdays, Feb 5 - March 11 or
April 1 - May 6, 10 am - 1 pm

Utilizing the book Women Who Run with the Wolves, we will explore and excavate the innate gifts of the wild woman who lives within each of us. We will utilize dreams, artwork, creative writing, and sharing in circle to remind us of our wild, natural, and powerful creative force.

Fee $270 (Members $230)


Inspiration and Intention in Abstract Artwork

Saturday & Sunday, Feb 29 - March 1

Ever wonder where the great abstract painters get inspiration for paintings?  Want to learn from where you can draw unique ideas and how to carry them through to a finished work of art?  Then this new class is the workshop for you! 

Fee $175 (Members $150)


Water, Color & Sound

Sundays, March 8, July 19; 1 -4 pm
Saturday Oct 24; 1 - 4 pm

Explore the creative power of sound and color through voice, drums and watercolor techniques designed to expand your experience of spontaneous flow. Our time together will be spent in equal parts sound and drum circle and in putting water and color to paper.

Fee $60 (Members $50) each session


Wild Ride Portraits

Saturday & Sunday, March 28 - 29

Come join us in the creation of wonderful portraits from your wild side. The human face will be our focus as we create expressive self portraits using a wide range of materials including paint, collage papers, charcoal, oil pastels, inktense pencils and more. Which aspects of your inner self will show up?

Fee $175 (Members $150)


More Mixed Media

Saturday & Sunday, April 25-26

Come celebrate with More Mixed Media!  Learn how to incorporate altered papers, oil pastels, inktense pencils and transfers into wonderful works of art. 

Fee $175 (Members $150)


Animal Art

Saturday & Sunday, May 30-31

Here’s your chance to create whimsical and colorful abstract animal works of art using lots of mixed media techniques. Lisa will have animal spirit cards for inspiration and demonstrate different techniques to create Colorful Chickens, Flying Wolves, Laughing Dogs, Spiritual Ravens, and more!

Fee $175 (Members $150)


Drip, Pour & Roll

Sunday, June 28

Come have a blast with acrylic paints when Lisa shows you how to Drip, Pour, and Roll amazing abstract compositions which can either be used for underpaintings or as the actual artwork itself!

Fee $100 (Members $85)


More Mixed Media

Saturday & Sunday, July 25-26

Come celebrate with More Mixed Media! Learn how to incorporate altered papers, oil pastels, inktense pencils and transfers into wonderful works of art. 

Fee $175 (Members $150)


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