Water, Color & Sound

facilitated by Karen Renée Robb

Our bodies are 70% water. Sound moves through water more easily than it does through air.
Engaging with sound and color through the medium of water, we can create and do wondrous things.

Explore the creative power of sound and color through voice, drums and watercolor
techniques designed to expand your experience of spontaneous flow. Our time together will
be spent in equal parts sound and drum circle and in putting water and color to paper.
Witness how the flow of water moves effortlessly across the page, leaving pleasant surprises
and mystical imagery in its wake. Deeply meditative and enlivening. You will leave with a
deeper awareness of your ability to “go with the flow” and feeling vibrantly alive.

Watercolor supplies, frame drums and other percussive instruments provided. If you have
your own drum, bring it along for the journey!



Date: Sundays, March 8, July 19; Saturday Oct 24; 1 - 4 pm


Fee: $60 (Members $50) each session; includes supplies

Cancellation policy: you may request a refund (minus any PayPal fees and a $10 cancellation fee) up to seven (7) days prior to the scheduled date of the class or workshop. No refund is available after that date. Refunds are also unavailable if you do not show up or if you leave an event early for any reason.

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