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Art & Soul Nashville is a warm, welcoming community where classes inspire both beginning and experienced artists to create in a nonjudgmental atmosphere. Art & Soul’s core practices encourage the discovery of each participant’s unique, artistic expression through classes like painting, mixed media, sounding, movement, drawing, and writing.


In Art & Soul’s classes, participants

experience soul-enriching, creative practices in community,

restore playful artistic impulses that lead to authentic art,

honor their own unique, artistic voices,

discover the freedom of authentic artmaking,

explore their creativity, and

find inspiration to live life with a healthier outlook.


We invite you to explore this site, follow us on Facebook and Instagram, and discover what Art & Soul is all about. Donate to our mission below.

"Don't worry about the expression.

Focus on the connection.

The expression will take care of itself."

- Arunima Orr

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