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Big News!

We are celebrating and excited to announce that Art and Soul Nashville has officially become a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, fulfilling at last the original vision of our founder (circa 1988), Arunima Orr.

As we cross this bridge into a new, bright future, we want to thank you for cheering us on. You have supported us in your generous thoughts and good wishes as well as with financial gifts, and we are grateful that you’ve helped us reach this bridge.

In art, a bridge often symbolizes a journey, stepping into the unknown that lies ahead. We invite you to help us cross this bridge by giving a financial gift to Art and Soul. We are grateful that we can now say that your gift is tax-deductible!


Your generous gift will help us continue to build an environment for artistic exploration and growth for our expanding community. Your gift will help us cross into 2023 with stable footing. We’re grateful for whatever you can give large or small.

To donate online please click below. You'll find options for a one time donation or to become a sustaining monthly donor.

"Don't worry about the expression. Focus on the connection.

The expression will take care of itself."

- Arunima Orr

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