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We are a nonprofit arts studio dedicated to supporting individual creativity, personal growth, and artistic development. We foster a safe, stimulating, and rich environment for both beginning and experienced artists to connect with their capacity to create, explore, and discover the beauty and power of personal expression. To that end, mediums and practices that address the whole person—meditation, sound, breath, movement, music, writing, painting, drawing and other visual arts—are offered through classes, workshops, and individual sessions. Membership in our studio is also available for those who desire the ongoing connection and depth of an established, supportive community. If you are looking for a studio where playful, authentic, and meaningful artistic exploration can happen, you have found it!

Art & Soul is a place—a studio in Nashville that is a richly stimulating and engaging environment where many kinds of visual art, dance and movement, sounding and voice, writing, poetry and other creative explorations take place.

Art & Soul is a space—where a journey of discovery begins when you walk in the door. It may be for a day or for several weeks or months or years. Your journey is profoundly individual, but not alone. You are held in a multi-dimensional context which includes a community of fellow seekers, as well as an atmosphere of freedom, trust, respect, caring and non-judgment.

If you are looking for...

  • Creative expression

  • Spiritual nourishment

  • Artistic development

  • Aliveness and authenticity

  • Healing and transformation

  • A joyful and supportive community have found it!

Art & Soul classes are for ages 17 and up. If you would like an exception to that, please contact the studio to see if the teacher can make accommodations for younger participants.

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