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Authentic Movement

Authentic movement is about moving and being moved. It is about expression and meaning unfolding without interference from the conditioned mind.

Authentic Movement is a practice in which a safe container is created for the body to move and express itself from deep within. This form was originally developed by a dancer, Mary Starks Whitehouse, who was searching for a way to embody Jung’s method of healing called “active imagination."  There is a meditative quality to this practice. We create a quiet space in which the mover can listen deeply to the impulses in the body and allow the body to move in whatever way it wants, moment to moment. The mover and the movement are received, held and honored with compassion and loving kindness.  This practice:  Develops awareness and deep listening on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual Provides an opportunity to access and express deeply held sensations, feelings, longings and images Develops trust in the self, the body and the group connection Is playful, fun and surprising, as well as grounding and empowering. Accesses material that can then be expressed in other mediums as well (writing, visual art, sounding, etc.)


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