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Intuitive Artmaking

At Art & Soul, we practice re-connecting to the Source before we start “making” art. We meditate; we move the body; we read poetry; we play.

When we transition into intuitive artmaking, we are in a playful state of not-knowing: trying this, trying that, making a mess, not knowing what we are doing or where we are going. We may have an idea that is a “point of departure." We hold it lightly while allowing a freewheeling exploration of the materials to let us drop from our heads down into our bodies. We say, “The hands know what to do.” ​ Often in our culture, we have the model that the idea for art comes from the head and is then executed by the conditioned mind, which applies its knowledge of various techniques. Intuitive Artmaking is a way of creating art in which the artist is supported in being connected to the multi-dimensional matrix of self and life.  What happens is sometimes a big mess. Part of our practice is to become hardy to big messes and no “results” at times. But quite often a stunning revelation appears on the canvas. Or the piece of clay becomes something quite mysterious and powerful although we may have no idea what it is. We are in relationship with our artwork, painting, clay, etc. We make a mark; it speaks back to us. We make another mark; it sings or groans in response. The work or “play” continues in this way. ​ Art & Soul stands behind the notion that true art is revelation, not production, and this requires a leap of faith. Leaps of faith require trust. Often we have a lot of self-doubt. That’s why we do things in community. We support each other to let go and jump off the cliff. We also support each other to stay in the process and not quit; to go and grow deeper, to learn more, be more curious and more surprised.


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