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Play & Playing

Play is fooling around, daydreaming, trying this and that—it’s an attitude, a way of being. You can do it anytime, anywhere, with anything and nothing.

We begin our description of practices with “play,” which is fundamental to all the arts. Without this practice, the artist is frequently disconnected from the self; he or she is often either lost, or relying solely on technique. Play is a sincere, but not necessarily serious practice that lets us (almost without notice) drop into our natural selves and express from that authentic place. When we play, we are:  Opening up to the possible Exploring and experimenting Letting go of conditioning and listening with pure awareness Reconnecting with the source and the sacred At the studio, we like to play with all kinds of non-art materials to help trick the conditioned mind to slip outside its limited box. We arrange, stack, wrap, hang, tie, sort, bend and mix all kinds of things such as beans, sticks, feathers, rocks, fabrics, jewelry, beads, buttons and bamboo. ​ In the end, it’s an experience. If we’re listening, play will take us somewhere we haven’t been before.


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