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Sound and Sound Journey

Sounding and Sound Journeying are practices that explore the power and beauty of the voice when it is given space to move freely, without judgment or inhibition.

Like the other practices employed at Art & Soul, it is meditative in nature. It is a deep listening practice. We breathe in a particular way. Without judgment, we let sound come. Listening to our deepest impulses, we discover worlds within us we didn’t know existed.  Using breath, movement, tone and chant, we enter into a deep relationship with ourselves, with others, and with something mysterious, opening new pathways to the source of creativity, passion, nourishment and the experience of fullness in life.  This practice:  Develops connection with the core being through sound vibration Helps overcome shallow or disrupted breathing patterns Transforms both the speaking voice and the singing voice Connects the voice to all levels of the organism Accesses material that can then be expressed in other mediums as well (writing, visual art, movement, etc.) May be hazardous to the status quo


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