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David Wariner

David Wariner, a native of Noblesville, Indiana, can barely remember a day of his life without having a pencil or paint brush in his hand. He hails from a family of artists and musicians. Growing up in the Wariner home, the arts were a major part of everyday life. His parents later relocated to Jamestown, Kentucky, while he and musician family members soon came to Nashville, Tennessee.
At a young age, David knew that he wanted to be an artist and sought to create his world with art. He attended Herron School of Art in Indianapolis, Indiana, where he discovered that drawing was painting and painting was drawing. While he expanded his talents, he explored with oils, acrylic, oil pastel, watercolor, printmaking, and photography. He found his visual voice and fell in love with color that made his art come alive.
David has had a successful career as an illustrator creating a broad range of works ranging from album covers to book illustrations. While working as an illustrator, he also continued to paint and produce commissioned work, all of which are now in private and commercial collections.
Today, David Wariner calls Nashville home and exhibits his paintings locally.

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