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Why do you make art?

drawing by Elinor Madeira

Not so long ago, Arunima asked members of the Long Circle Artists’ Group to answer the question, “Why do you make art?"

​Why do I make art? To see myself. To look into the void and recognize who I am at that moment. To see colors together—to hear them cling and shout at one another. To feel the paint slide from my brush and go freewheeling across a page. To know that I AM. To make magic—a transforming act of regeneration, renewal and extension. To grow—over and over and over. To reach for the unknown within me—to embrace both dark and light and present it to myself. To be seen as more than I think I am—to show myself and others that all is acceptable and of value—even in brokenness. To gain favor for my little self—so that she is happy. To play and have joy in making marks. To show the physical presence of my emotions, my reactions—to see these illusions for what they are. To be with myself in a way that no other action allows. To go into another world—deep and dark, wild and free, into joy and into madness.

—Angel Craddock

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