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Meet Nicole Nikolich: Crochet Installation Artist

Meet the amazing niece of Art & Soul coop member and teacher, Kelly Falzone.

Nicole Nikolich (Instagram: @lace_in_the_moon) is a 27-year-old, self-taught crochet artist living in Philadelphia, PA. Nicole discovered her love of crochet in 2017 can be found with a hook and ball of yarn in hand ever since. Nicole began crocheting installations throughout the streets of Philadelphia and has since become a recognized street artist, collaborating with other local artists and creating installations that have been featured in print and across the web. Nicole's street art often involves floral motifs, or other large images, paired with a quote or lyric. She installs her creations on fences and walls, under bridges, and in other forgotten nooks throughout the city.

Nicole Nikolich

Crochet Installation Artist

View this Time Lapse Video of her creation:

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