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Kelly Falzone - Creativity and Emotional Accessibility

Kelly Fass Calzone

We're thrilled to introduce you to Kelly Falzone. Kelly is a longtime student, member, and teacher at Art & Soul. Kelly met Art & Soul founder, Arunima Orr, at a time Nima needed some extra hands and muscle to move the studio materials out of storage and into a new space after her return from Massachusetts. Kelly then worked in trade, organizing the Art & Soul bulk mailing of brochures in trade for classes with Nima. Kelly was a young mother of a toddler at the time, and working as a mental health counselor at Oasis Center. A generous anonymous partial sponsorship of Kelly’s membership dues allowed her to more fully immerse herself in the studio. Her involvement with Art & Soul was crucial to her ability to stay connected to her creative self and develop her voice as an artist. Nima’s mentorship, and the connection, friendship, and support of fellow-members and students, has created a life-giving community, family, and career for Kelly lasting over twenty years.

Listen to Kelly talk about her art, life, writing, work, and passion in this interview with The Tennessee Library of Accessible Books and Media, recorded in the Summer of 2019.

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