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Getting to Know You

with Karen Carter

My name is Karen Louise Carter and I was born on May 8 in Louisville, KY. When I was three months old my parents moved to Nashville and I grew up here. I have two brothers and two sisters, and I'm 4th out of the five children.

I’ve been an Art & Soul member since 2004. I laugh the most when I am with members of my Art & Soul family!

The first class I took at Art & Soul was a Drawing class with Arunima and I was so impressed by it I immediately signed up for the six-week course and have been hooked ever since. Every class I take at Art & Soul becomes my new favorite.

The positive quotes Nima hung up all over the studio inspired me so I began hanging some up at home to look at throughout my day. One of my favorites is this one by John Lennon—(photo attached)—which was given to me by Tobi Fishel and which hangs on my refrigerator:

If I could go back in time, and take the knowledge and courage I have now, I would not go some time way back in history or in the future; instead, I would simply go back 40 years in my own lifetime, to when I was about 26 years old. I would be bold and take risks and travel to places like Alaska, Hawaii, and all around the US. I’d take my camera, take photos, take chances, and follow my own dreams. I wish I’d had the courage to rebel and do that then.

I’d have to say my most treasured possession is the Peace I have in my heart right now. Finding Peace is something I always wanted. And with the help of my Art & Soul family and the folks at the Estuary, I have found it. And I feel truly grateful.

(Twins?! Roberta and Karen share fabulous smiles AND the same birthdate, May 8. This year, they are celebrating together! Happy birthday, dear friends!)

Happy Birthday to two fabulous dames! With Pat Halper and Kelly Falzone, another two fabulous dames!

Three Perched Birds. Collage on cradled panel. 12 x 12 inches

Condo Conversations. Collage on cradled panel. 12 x 12 inches

Eureka Moment. Collage on cradled panel. 22 x 18 inches

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Such a fabulous girl! Creativity flows through you with love. xoxoxox

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