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It’s been a year of hardship and reward, a year of service and accomplishment. It’s been a year filled with insight, loss, grief, recovery, celebration, inspiration, dedication, reflection, creation, dancing, reading, writing, drawing, painting, moving, slowing down, cocooning.
How has this year been for you? How have you been lately? How are you today? We’re all in this together and we’d love to know how you’ve been.
Borrowing from descriptions from our 2022 class offerings, next year will be filled with discovery and practice, offering, exploration, journeying, articulating, immersion, tips and secrets, beauty and gravity, painting our path, magic and play, and lots of mess-making. It’s always sacred and sassy.
The special magic that each of you shares with us is what makes Art & Soul exceptional. So, please, share with us a word or phrase, a paragraph, a short story, or your memoir ;-) about your year, or share your hopes for the new year. Click on this link and share what you will.

Aums 3 by Deanie French. Tempera on mat board. 12 x 25 inches.

Available at

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