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Meet Lisa Paige Binder

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

The following is an interview with Lisa Paige Binder, a member of the Art & Soul Co-op and one of our teachers. Read Lisa's teacher bio.

A&S: How long have you been a part of Art & Soul?

Lisa: I've been a member for fifteen years.

A&S: What's your first memory of art and creativity?

Lisa: I remember nursery school art making – cards and a plaster hand imprints for my parents. 

A&S: Can you tell us about your art-making process? What's a typical day like for you?

Lisa: I usually feel my way into a piece. I put paper or some paint on a canvas and wait until I see what to follow and where to go. It’s an intuitive process and usually with no end result in mind until the piece emerges about half way in. Occasionally something of beauty on the outside hits me with such strength that it leads to inspiration but mostly it is an inside to outside experience (something inside ends up on the canvas outside). 

A&S: Why do you make art?

Lisa: It is meditative for me. It is heart centering for me. It allows me to transport onto a canvas emotionality and hold it there, rather than contain it on the inside. And I get great joy out of the transformation of a blank palette into a reflection of something inside of me.

A&S: What are you looking forward to in the next year of art-making?

Lisa: I would like to work on a very large piece for a longer length of time. First I have to get into my new house which has a new studio with one huge wall and tall ceilings on which to do this large piece. I think by March I can start to play with this “go larger” idea.   

About Lisa Binder: Lisa Binder was born in Altas, OK on an Air Force base where her father was stationed. Lisa lived, practiced law, and raised two boys in Jackson, MS, before moving to Nashville fifteen years ago. At that time she began her journey with Art & Soul under the tutelage of Arunima Orr. Lisa began teaching for Art & Soul six years ago. She teaches Basic Acrylics, Flower Power, Mixed Media, Altered Papers, Inspiration and Intention, Wild Ride Portraits, Intensives, Animal Art, Holiday Collage and more.

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