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Getting to know Robin Wolfenden

My name is Robin. I had a friend growing up in NJ with the same name and we called each other “Conscience”. She taught me how to whistle with 2 fingers, which was very helpful when I lived in New York to hail a cab!

My birthday is May 27. Next year is a biggie when I fully embrace being a Crone.

My husband John and I have been married for 44 years. We split our time between Nashville and West Palm Beach, Florida (good idea for a lasting marriage!!) We have two children, and three grandchildren. Otis, my granddog, is my hiking buddy.

I’ve been an Art & Soul member since 2019, and was quickly moved up in the ranks to VP! So proud to serve with such an amazing group of women!

This is a self-portrait that I inadvertently photographed during TimeOut. The morning sun was shining through my window onto my face, which was reflected in the glass from my cyanotype drawing. I took a chance angling my camera to capture the image and was thrilled that it worked!

Photo of recent piece: (Self-portrait)

Favorite Art & Soul memory: Deanie had asked us at our first Space Holders gathering, when were you first “gob smacked” at Art & Soul? Mine came at Authentic Movement. As I stepped into the center of the circle, not knowing what to expect, my body took hold of me and released so much pent-up energies from my root chakra. I shook and cried and trembled until I could no longer stand. I was held in such a safe and loving space, that when I regained my composure all I could feel was the deepest gratitude for this wonderful circle of friends.

Photo: (Body Cyanotypes)

I like to play and experiment with Cyanotypes. They never cease to amaze me with their unpredictable results. I enjoy sharing this process in workshops at Art & Soul. I’ve taken it beyond the Traditional Cyanotype, to a “wet” process, collage, full body images, addition of ink drawing and pastels. It’s endless!

Photo: (Cyanotype with Colored Pigments)

My most recent read was Kristin Hannah’s The Four Winds. Really good!

The movie I love most is Grease.

My guilty pleasures are my lipsticks and nails.

My favorite vacation was St. Barths on our honeymoon. We had planned on going back for our 40th, but it got blown away in a hurricane. I’ll never forget dinner at Madame Jacques house on the hill eating langoustine and listening to reggae music on the record player!

My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving when I cook a big turkey and have my whole family together and give thanks.

My favorite food is Talenti coffee-chip ice cream.

“My” song is “Brown Eyed Girl” (Do you remember when we used to sing…)

My idea of perfect happiness is being present.

My greatest fear is leaving an abused world to our future generations.

I deplore that I am so “pushy.”

I deplore when others are judgmental.

photo: (Mother In Law) This is a section of my 2021 Vision Board.

I admire my mother-in-law the most. She is a fellow Gemini, independent, active, swims, a true matriarch of our family, and has been one of my greatest supporters in my art career.

My greatest extravagance is the recent purchase of the condo I’ve been renting in Nashville for the past five years. What a great birthday present!

My current state of mind is waking up each new day and choosing to be happy.

I’m known for saying the phrase “It’s fabulous” quite a bit!

My most treasured possession is my blue sapphire engagement ring that I haven’t taken off in 45 years. I love it.

My motto is “don’t throw anything away! You can always use it to collage with!”

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