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Scrappy Peeps Day at Art & Soul

Saturday, October 9th was Peeps Day at the studio and five members plus one soon-to-be member were there for all the fun! Here are some photos from the day AND all of our glorious Peep creations!

Lisa and Golda!

Kelly, Kathy and Amy

Lisa's Peep 1 - Check out those legs!

Lisa's Peep 2 -- The King looking in his mirror!

Amy's Peep 1 - The Alien

Amy's Peep 2 - So exotic! I see a mermaid.

Kelly's Peep 1 - This one is going places!

Kelly's Peep 2 - Quite angelic!

Kelly's Peep 3 - Elegant!

Kathy's Peeps 1 - All her grandpeeps!

Kathy's Peeps 2 - Kathy and Al, Together Forever, Even in Peepsville!

Roberta's Peep 1 - Ernest Hemingway

Roberta's Peep 2 - A little more Frida. Still in process.

Hope you enjoyed meeting our Peeps family. And ... that you'll be a part of our next DABBLE! Keep checking the calendar for more...

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