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MEET NEW MEMBER Jessica Fritz Smith!

Hi friends! My name is Jessica and I'm super grateful to be an official Art & Soul member (insert squeals of joy). A little about me: Growing up, my mom taught me macrame knots. We'd peruse the art store and frequent art and craft shows. I grew to love the sensorial side of life. Textures (whether felt with the eye or hand), smells, sounds, movement—foods! It's almost overwhelming really— and I love it all! While I'm new to thinking of myself as an artist (why is that so difficult?), I strive to find balance within my pieces ... ’cause truly I struggle with this in my waking life. Currently, I'm loving mixed media and have taken multiple classes with Lisa Binder. Jenni has been just incredible with her acceptance, encouragement and insight throughout CAPD 1 and 2. The grounding and nurturing community of A&S is such a blessing. I look forward to every class and experience. Y’all are a powerful force in my life! Thank you Kathy P for sharing your sacred happy place with me!

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