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MEET NEW MEMBER Sonia Fernandez LeBlanc!

Hey y’all! Sonia (she/her) here!

I’m a Storyteller. A Writer. A Self-Directed Learning Advocate. A Community Builder. A Systems Disruptor/Re-Creator with a penchant for the mystical. I’m on a journey of radical self-sovereignty and I serve as guide for those who feel called to journey with me through my organization, Revolutions Imaginarium, where I integrate modalities that support Medicinal Storytelling, Matriarchal Elderhood, Embodied Divinity, and Contemplative Futuring to offer tools that can be immediately supportive in deepening connection to intuitive and divine knowing. I am a devoted mama to my two human loves, a trio of fur loves, and a jungle of plant loves. I am a pretty impressive spouse to the coolest human I know, a damn good friend from what I have been told by those who call me so, and I throw one hell of a dinner party outside of pandemic times!

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