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A wonderful time was had by all as we celebrated Nima's birthday with our Second Annual Parade of Portraits. Here's who popped up!

The birthday girl! And THREE cakes!

Nalani is always pretty as a picture!

Pat channeled a little Frida for the day...

A couple of hippies from Gallatin stopped by with a little peace, love and understanding. That's Kathy and Al Plourde, in case you couldn't tell.

Vicki's Yayoi Kusama brightened up the place!

Amy's Georgia O'Keefe came with some desert beauties for Nima.

Deanie's Cassatt/Gainsborough mashup of Girl with a Watering Can, and...

An American beauty in an English garden ... ready to paint!

No one else but Karyn could pull off Seurat's Woman with Umbrella so grandly! And her "bustle" was irresistible!

I opted for a fun portrait with HoneyBear who licked the apple off of my face because ...

Yes, US Magazine, Will wore it WAY better. Here is my true vision for Magritte's Son of Man.

Amanda recreates Vincent Van Gogh's Sunflowers!

Nima came as Renoir in his studio!

Doris stole a hat for this one. Looks like it was made for her!

And lots of food, fun, visiting ... and playful pups!

Happy Birthday Nima! We are so glad to have a YOU to celebrate!

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